Cyber Circle


Cyber Circle

See "Cyber Circle" by Banjo Funk 

I collected, "Circle Of Life" on the Tezos blockchain from Zerosomma and it inspired me to create a glitch audio visual. The whole point of these audio visual expressions are to highlight the spark that was given to me from the art that was received.

This would've been perfect if I didn't spelled Zerosomma's name wrong on the post. It's on the blockchain so I can't change it, it's permanent -_-. Not a good way to show people that I am supporting other artists. Nonetheless, I was excited to get it out and I even made sure that Zerosomma is getting royalties on this project. 

Hopefully I can get them on a podcast to learn more about their art style and what inspires them to create. For now, check out the post by clicking the link below!

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