Smashing TVs

smashing Tvs on tezos

"Smashing TVs" is my 2nd artist highlight on the Tezos blockchain. I've been using OBJKT as the platform for my works because videos seem to learn there faster than other Tezos platforms like Teia

I collected, "smashing things - TV" from Maximiliano in 2021 when I was first getting started in Tezos. I actually remember collecting this piece because I was having a bad day and this piece made me laugh really hard. I loved it!

I never forgot that feeling and was brought back to this piece when I was looking through my collected artworks for inspiration make another highlight. I used Maximiliano's art to create audio that resonated with what I was seeing. Then I wrote out a plan for the visual.
Afterwards, I wrote some words to express my thoughts and finally edited this video. Hope you enjoy!

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